What is a Url?

How do I see my banner on other websites?

Is there any way to know where my ads are displayed?

I am already a member of another banner exchange, Can I Join?

Terms for banner design and member sites

Exactly where on your site is the referral url? It's not in the page called Referral URL from the statistics page.

How do I display banners on my website?

What do you get when you buy credits

Can I use animated banners?

Can I load my page in the same window when someone click my banner?

Why is it that every time I try to add a banner, it gets deleted?

I uploaded my banner - when will it start to show up on other websites?

Where do I upload my banner?

How do I use FLASH banners?

What are the banner size limitations?

When do I get my Bonus impressions?

Do I receive 2 impressions for every 3 impressions I show on my pages?

Is there a way to get credits without paying money?

I just made 6,973 impressions on my computer but did not receive credits with a 2:3 ratio.

Do I receive credits for displaying eBannerTRAFFIC default ads?

What is the Ratio when I move impressions between sizes?

If my banner is not approved, will I be notified?



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