Do I receive 2 impressions for every 3 impressions I show on my pages?

Yes and no. 

In fact you can actually receive a 1:1 ratio meaning that for every ad you display we give you one back. This is called sliding RATIO PLAN and is in place to make sure the quality of traffic within this exchange stays in top. 

Many if not most exchanges have a fixed ratio and some members create banner farms where 10 or 100 banner displays take place on a single page. People who actually see these ads and respond is as rare as rain in the Sahara desert. Our members with quality sites and quality placement of banners do not want to provide good advertising space in return for space with little or no effect. 

We want to encourage good and carefully planned banner placement and we reward these sites with a better ratio based on the number of clicks a banner receive. 

Banner farms with zero or little click through receive 1 impression for every 10 they deliver and their account stand to be terminated. Any page with more than 2 banner ads from our exchange and more than 5 banner ads on a single page in total is getting close to be considered a banner farm. We investigate each single incident and reserve the right to disqualify a site at our sole discretion without any further explanation. 

See our sliding RATIO plan here



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